QA'A /CONGER! CONGER!/ 30 AVRIL /à l'Embobineuse marseille

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QA'A /CONGER! CONGER!/ 30 AVRIL /à l'Embobineuse marseille

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QA'A ( psychedelic-expérimental-noise / produit par Faust / Barcelone )
CONGER! CONGER! (Baudroie rock / Mars)


Their first album 'Vesprada' won the OFF section at LEM international experimental
festival in 2007 awarding them studio time in which to record their second album
"Chi'en". Qa'a's music had atracted the attention of international artists such as Steve
Stapleton (Nurse with Wound), Lydia Lunch and Hans Joachim Irmler of Faust, whom
became a strong supporter of the band and offered them to mix and master the album
at the Faust Studio in Scheer in early 2009 taking on the roll of executive producer of
the album and inviting them to perform at the Klangbad Festival in 2010. "Chi'en" was
released by the band's own label Màgia Roja in November 2009.

In the last few years Qa'a has made two tours of Spain and two extensive European
tours. They've played major international festivals including LEM 2007 and 2009,
Sònar 2008, Primavera Sound 2009, Sónar 2010 and Sónar Chicago 2010 with
parallel Project Huan, Klangbad 2010 and Saint Ghetto 2010, gaining both national
and international media attention, radio play (BBC-1, Dandylion Radio, DFM, East
Village Radio...) and great album reviews ( Julian Cope on Head Heritage).

In January-February 2011 the band embark on their first USA tour playing several
shows along the West Coast and in May they'll be embarking on their third European

Víctor Hurtado (Barcelona): Guitar, vocals, keyboards, modular synths, viola, sitar,
percussions, self made instruments...
Ben O'Mahoney (LA): Guitar, synths, self made instruments, various percussions...
Yarei Molina (Barcelona): Drums, electronics, timpani...

MYSPACE - - - - - - - -

MÀGIA ROJA (LABEL) - - - - -


Born in 2008 on Mars! Here some few tracks captured live! at rehearsal room! september 9 2008 by fred de benedetti! and mixed by himself at home! Only pierrot-le-bo overdubbed his own guitar lines!ok!

Since that 4 tracks, patrice sing a little bit more on tune!,work more on it drum on "klick"!, Didier sill play on it horrible red bass! and Pierrot is Pierrot-Le-Bo for ever! Enjoy! Conger! Conger! OK! I know what you think; again a song from a rehearsal....pfffff....! And you're right!

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