5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor

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5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor Empty 5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor

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We're pleased to inform you that all five January 2014 releases are now available – all preorders are shipped and most of the record stores are equipped. Thanks again for your orders and feedback. In detail:

den070 | N(22) - Goor 2x12''
den188 | Origamibiro - Collection 3xCd | 4x12'' Boxset
den189 | Birds of Passage - This Kindly Slumber Cd | 12''
den190 | Talvihorros - Eaten Alive Cd | 12''
den192 | Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani - Relive Cd | 12''

:: www.denovali.com/n
:: www.denovali.com/origamibiro
:: www.denovali.com/birdsofpassage
:: www.denovali.com/talvihorros
:: www.denovali.com/carloscipa

The lineup for both April festivals is completed now. In Berlin newly on board are Brandt Brauer Frick (ger | live) and Oneohtrix Point Never (us) – the last addition for London is Haxan Cloak (uk).

:: Tickets: www.denovali.com/swingfest
:: London Event: www.facebook.com/events/187324134805144
:: Berlin Event: www.facebook.com/events/522479181156159

We're delighted to present you Moon Zero from London – his Denovali debut record will be out in April 2014.

:: Listen: www.denovali.com/moonzero
:: Facebook: www.facebook.com/moonzero0

This week's mailorder update includes new Year Of No Light shirts, Oneohtrix Point Never vinyl restocks, Ghostly International restocks, new Xiu Xiu, Pontiak restock, Sun Ra restocks etc.

Thanks a lot!


5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor Swingfest2014london

5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor Swingfest2014berlin


5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor Origamibirocollection

Origamibiro is a collaborative project consisting of three core members: musician, soundtrack composer and producer Tom Hill, visual artist and filmmaker The Joy Of Box, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Tytherleigh. Originally started as a solo project for Tom, Origamibiro has since evolved into an audio-visual collective, producing studio music, art objects, interactive installations and hauntingly original live audio-visual performances. Origamibiro like to create work with an array of unorthodox processes and contraptions, found objects, video feeds and multi instrumentalism. Their aim is to create works of texture, lyricism and intensity.

Previous to Origamibiro, Tom Hill had been working with electronica and found-sound sampling through projects such as Wauvenfold and Penfold Plum. Origamibiro's first release, 'Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks' saw a radical return to Tom's classical and electric guitar roots. Performed and produced entirely by Tom, 'Cracked Mirrors' also involved sampling additional atmospheric elements: the creak of his chair, the sound of his breath, the squeak of the wood in his guitar. The result is both intimate and melodic, tangible and atmospheric.

Tom was then looking to translate this music from studio to live environment and enlisted the help of The Joy Of Box (Jim Boxall). Jim had a background in fine art as well as live visuals. Both Tom and Jim were looking for ways to expand how they could approach live performances and utilise technologies but also retain a sense of fragility, texture, emotion and above all risk. Not long after, Andy Tytherleigh brought his multi-instrumentalist skills (double bass, ukulele, banjo, guitar) to what was now becoming a collective and the trio began to develop ways to bring all of these elements together with live looping techniques. Jim began to use objects and props to film and record live, Tom experimented with sampling found materials to add texture and rhythm to his guitar melodies and Andy layered multiple instruments to add depth and weight to the whole process.

The release of the second album 'Shakkei' saw an expansion in Origamibiro's sound - from an intimate personal space to an expansive terrain ('Shakkei' in fact translates to 'borrowed landscape'). The second album utilised field recordings and even a shared audio journey between Tom's Autumnal footsteps in English woodlands and Jim's muted boot crunch of snowy Eastern European forests. The third album 'Shakkei Remixed' came soon after featuring remixes by a host of artists, reinterpreting Origamibiro's material in further directions still. Origamibiro's live performances also expanded, now involving treated books, typewriters, found celluloid, paper, eerie wildlife recordings, home movies, sellotape and bespoke visual contraptions. All of these things had been added, adapted, even destroyed as a way to generate images and audio that could evoke a feeling, a response, an understanding or perhaps a question from audiences.

Stream: www.denovali.com/origamibiro
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/origamibiro

Vinyl – 4xLP Boxset:
::: thick cardboard slipcase; printed thick single sleeves; 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 200x black vinyl
::: price: 65.00 Euro

::: nice slipcase design
::: price: 18.00 Euro


5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor Relive

CARLOS CIPA, musician and composer residing in Munich (Germany), has been teaming up with pianist and composer SOPHIA JANI to follow up his highly acclaimed full length debut ''The Monarch and the Viceroy'' with a two-piece collaboration record named RELIVE.

Carlos discovered his passion for music very early in his life. At the age of 6 he began taking classical piano lessons with various renowned teachers. Ten years later after he started playing drums in different bands he became more and more interested in composition and improvisation. In the following years he made experiences in different music styles like jazz, hardcore/punk, indie rock and orchestral music. For his debut record on Denovali Records he focused on his main instrument, the piano. Currently, he is studying classical composition at the ''University of Music and Performing Arts Munich”. Since the release of his debut record, Carlos so far shared the stage with marvelous acts like A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds.

Sophia Jani, being in the beginning of her twenties like Carlos, has discovered her fascination for piano in a similar age. She is classically trained on piano and violin and has deepened her skills at the conservatory of music in Munich before she began studying piano at the conservatory in Bordeaux, France. Sophia left Bordeaux after one year turning away from just interpreting classical pieces to concentrate on writing her own music. Taking this crucial step, a concert of Ludovico Einaudi she attended played an important role. Recently Sophia developed an interest in filmscoring as well as experimenting with vocals. Besides classical composers like Chopin and Ravel, filmmusic especially from Bernard Hermann and Thomas Newman influenced her compositions.

The two pieces ''Anouk's Dream” and ''Whatever a Sun Will Always Sing” were written for Carlo's and Sophia's performance at the Denovali Swingfest 2013 in Essen. The idea was to jointly compose two piano pieces for four hands, which do not only include playing the ordinary way, but also utilising rather unusual sounds from inside the piano. Carlos and Sophia used all kinds of contemporary techniques to create these sounds, like plucking and beating the strings with their fingers or different kinds of beaters, bowing them with nylon guitar strings, creating harmonics while pressing fingers down on the strings during playing, using the ''aeolian harp''-technique (used for the first time by Henry Cowell in 1923) or creating beats on the cast iron frame. Throughout the two tracks nothing other than their combined fingers, the two nylon strings and three different kinds of beaters were used to create the music, the pieces can be played live without using any electronics. During the recording process of the album RELIVE, neither of the compositions has been changed in any way. They were played exactly as in the live situation, which was a very important theme throughout this collaboration.

Stream: www.denovali.com/carloscipa
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/carloscipa

Vinyl – LP:
::: thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves; 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x silver
::: regular edition: 350x black
::: price: 16.00 euro

::: nice digipak
::: price: 13.00 Euro


5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor Thiskindlyslumber

Following 'Without the World' and 'Winter Lady', the New Zealander Alicia Merz of Birds of Passage returns with her third album 'This Kindly Slumber'. Like a cocoon, this album will envelope you in its many layers. Quiet storms filled with ambient atmospheres, densely layered choral drones, fragile vocals. Harsh reverberation, gently lulled by sweet musings, offset by poetic and philosophical lyrics, ebb away into blissful ambience. With allusions to dark-pop and classic broken-folk, the anti-climactic compositions of Alicia remind us that she is a singer songwriter for people who don't like singer songwriters. Climb into the cocoon of 'This Kindly Slumber'. This place of refuge will find you when you most need it, take you to the world within its folds.

Stream: www.denovali.com/birdsofpassage
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/birdsofpassagemusic

Vinyl – LP:
::: thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves; 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x clear
::: regular edition: 350x black
::: price: 16.00 euro

::: nice digipak
::: price: 13.00 Euro


5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor Eatenalive

Eaten Alive is the fifth studio album as Talvihorros for the experimental British composer Ben Chatwin. Marking a move away from Chatwin's signature guitar sound into a wide-ranging electronic sound palette, featuring his most direct and uncompromising work to date.

The album was born when Daniel Crossley, owner of Fluid Radio met with Ben in late 2010. The pair visited areas in East London where Daniel had lived for much of his life, also the same area Ben found himself living. They shared stories and memories, looking back at a past that featured loss, isolation, addiction and abuse. As Ben explains:

"We spent a weekend going to places where Dan had grown up, places that had stuck in his head for various reasons. Dan shared with me some harrowing and heartbreaking tales that eventually culminated in him battling with drug addiction. I think Dan was incredibly brave to get out of the situation he found himself in, get out of London, and live the life that he is living today."

Eaten Alive is the result of this encounter, as Chatwin looks both introspectively and into the community where events like this can so readily happen. An album that focuses on the darker recesses of life, where bold melodic ideas fight with harsh noise and glacial ambience to create something organic, evolving and physically arresting.

Stream: www.denovali.com/talvihorros
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/talvihorros

Vinyl – LP:
::: thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves; 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x swamp green / royal blue a/b effect
::: regular edition: 350x black
::: price: 16.00 euro

::: nice digipak
::: price: 13.00 Euro

N(22) - GOOR 2x12'' | DIGITAL

5 new releases available (Origamibiro, Carlos Cipa, Talvihor Goor

Anyone who has joined a concert of N during the last year may have wondered on which record those pieces played live can be found. Therefore we very happy to announce N(22) "Goor", a four track double vinyl album. Opening with the 23 minute title-track, a monster, somehow focused on the sound aesthetic of a distorted organ played via guitar-tube-amplifiers and shifting between mantra and maelstrom before splitting into fractions, followed by the swirling black mass of "Wehle", record one of the album is like one massive drone, absorbing, dark, no air left to breathe. Having survived that, record two offers the ethereal and melodic piece "Blauort" as a recovery before closing the chapter with a 19 minute version of the deeply melancholic live favourite "Suedfall", slowly building up to a crescendo of distortion before corroding into nothingness.

Stream: www.denovali.com/n
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/n1511

Vinyl – LP:
::: thick handprinted sleeves + black inner sleeves + black vinyl
::: limited to only 100 copies
::: price: 27.00 Euro




den163 | Thisquietarmy - Aftermath + Setting Ashes 2x12''
den164 | Petrels - Onkalo Cd | 2x12''
den165 | Dominic - Persona Cd | 12''
den166 | Piano Interrupted - Two By Four Cd | 2x12''
den167 | Terminal Sound System - A Sun Spinning Backwards Cd | 2x12''
den168 | Witxes - Sorcery Geography Cd | 12''
den169 | Witxes - A Fabric Of Beliefs Cd | 2x12''
den170 | Greg Haines - 2006-2012 3xCd | 5x12''
den171 | Greg Haines - Where We Were Cd | 2x12''
den172 | AUN - Alpha Heaven Cd | 12''
den173 | Sankt Otten - Messias Maschine Cd | 2x12''
den174 | Floex - Gone 10''
den175 | John Lemke - People Do Cd | 12''
den176 | Sebastian Plano - Arrhythmical Part of Hearts Cd | 12''
den177 | Sebastian Plano - Impetus Cd | 2x12''
den178 | The Dale Cooper Quartet - Quatorze Pièces de Menace Cd | 2x12''
den179 | Celeste – Animale(s) 2xCd | 2x12''
den180 | Thisquietarmy - Blackhaunter 12''
den181 | Thisquietarmy - Hex Mountains Cd | 12''
den182 | Piano Interrupted - The Unified Field Cd | 12''
den183 | Selaxon Lutberg - Simboli Accidentali Cd | 12''
den185 | Saffronkeira + Mario Massa - Cause and Effect Cd|2x12''
den186 | Ensemble Economique - Interval Signals 12''
den187 | Ensemble Economique - Light That Comes, Light That Goes Cd|12''


Abram Shook - Sun Marquee 12'' [16.5€]
Actress - Ghettoville 3x12'' [25.5€]
Actress - Ghettoville 5x12''+2xCd + Book (limited Boxset) [77€]
Asgeir - In The Silence 12'' [18.5€]
Asmus Tietchens - Fast ohne Titel, Korrosion Cd [15€]
Austrasian Goat - Principles of Disillusion 2xCd [13€]
Batillus - Concrete (Andy Stott Remix) 12'' [12.5€]
Bibio - The Green E.P. (Green Vinyl) 12'' [12€]
Blank - Calix 12'' [10€]
Blessure Grave - The Flashing 12'' [14.5€]
Blut Aus Nord - Debemur MoRTi 2x7'' [14€]
Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta I (Golden Vinyl) 12'' [16€]
Blut Aus Nord - The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion 2x12'' [19.5€]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Piano Nights 2x12'' [17.5€]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Piano Nights Cd [14.5€]
Bryan Ferry Orchestra - Great Gatsby 12'' [28€]
Can - Out of Reach (180g) 12'' [17.5€]
Caspian - Hymn For The Greatest Generation 12'' [17€]
CEO - Wonderland 12'' [18.5€]
Charlie Mingus - Mingus Moods 12'' [14€]
Charlie Parker - S/t + Charlie Parker with Strings + Bird and Diz 2x12'' [19.5€]
Cheatahs - S/t 12''+Cd [18.5€]
Chuck Ragan - Live at Skaters Palace 2x12'' [19.5€]
Circle - Incarnation 12'' [18€]
Clutch - Earth Rocker Live (limited picture disc) 2x12'' [24€]
Culted - Oblique To All Paths 2x12'' [19.5€]
Deafheaven - Roads To Judah Cd [13€]
Deafheaven - Sunbather Cd [13€]
Demdike Stare - Testpressing #004 12'' [14.5€]
Evan Parker & Joe McPhee - What / If / They Both Could Fly Cd [19.5€]
Faust - Tell The Bitch To Go Home 12'' [10€]
Global Stage Orchestra - Breaking Bad OST 2xCd [18€]
Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner 12'' [17€]
Gold Panda - Marriage 12'' [13€]
Guardian Alien - Spiritual Emergency 12'' [17€]
Hammock - Oblivion Hymns 12'' [23€]
Hammock - Oblivion Hymns Cd [15€]
Harold Budd & Andy Partridge - Through The Hill 2x12'' [22€]
Hauschka & Rosilene Ludovico - Unbestimmt 12'' [20€]
Helm - The Hollow Organ 12'' [14.5€]
Hexis - Abalam 12'' [12€]
Illum Sphere - Ghosts Of Then And Now 2x12'' [22€]
In Loving Memory - A Discography 12'' [19.5€]
Indian - From All Purity (Swamp Green Vinyl) 12'' [18.5€]
Islet - Released By The Movement 12'' [19.5€]
Jóhann Jóhannsson - The Prisoners OST 2x12'' [23€]
Kristian Harting - Float 12'' [15€]
Kumulus - S/t 12'' [10€]
Majeure - Romance Language 12'' [18€]
Mark McGuire - Along The Way 2x12'' [18€]
Migrations In Rust - Two Shadows 12'' [18€]
Mogwai - Rave Tapes 12'' [18.5€]
Mogwai - Rave Tapes 2x12''+Cd (limited Boxset) [75€]
Mogwai - Rave Tapes Cd [14€]
Mogwai - Ten Rapid Cd [12.5€]
Múm - Toothwheels 7'' [6€]
Natural Snow Buildings - Daughter Of Darkness 6xCd [31€]
New Order - Brotherhood 12'' [18€]
New Order - Technique 12'' [21€]
Oiseaux-Tempête - S/t 2x12'' [19.5€]
Oiseaux-Tempête - S/t Cd [14€]
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fungus 12'' [17.5€]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Betrayed In The Octagon 12'' [19.5€]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Drawn And Quartered 12'' [19.5€]
Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven Cd [16.5€]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica Cd [15€]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Russian Mind 12'' [19.5€]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Zones Without People 12'' [19.5€]
Otto A Totland - Pinô (limited) Cd [19.5€]
Phill Niblock - Nothin To Look At Just A Record 12'' [19.5€]
Pontiak - Innocence 12'' [17€]
Recondite - Hinterland 2x12'' [19.5€]
Red Apollo - Marche Funebre 12'' [13.5€]
Serpent Eater – Hyena 12'' [13.5€]
Shigeto - No Better Time Than Now 12'' [16.5€]
Simeon Ten Holt - Canto Ostinato 2x12'' [28€]
Snowbird - Moon 2x12''+2xCd [24€]
Sun Ra - Of Mythic Worlds 12'' [15€]
Sun Ra - Strange Celestial Road 12'' [15€]
Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Interplanetary Melodies 12'' [17€]
Sun Ra and his Arkestra - The Sub-Dwellers 12'' [17€]
Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra - Holiday for Soul Dance 12'' [15€]
The Fauns - Lights 2x12'' [24€]
The Field - Cupid's Head Remixe I 12'' [12.5€]
The Gaslight Anthem - The B-Sides 12'' [14.5€]
The Tower of Light - S/t 12'' [16.5€]
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On 12'' [21€]
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Cd [15€]
Toe - The Book About My Idle Plot On Vague Anxiety 12'' [15€]
Tycho - Past is Prologue 2x12'' [25€]
V.A. - Inside Llewyn Davis OST Cd [11.5€]
V.A. - Pop Ambient 2014 12''+Cd [17.5€]
William Basinski - 92982 Cd [16€]
Wim Mertens - Maximizing the Audience 2x12'' [28€]
Wold - Freermasonry 2x12'' [27€]
Wolves Reign -S/t 12'' [10€]
Xiu Xiu - Angel Guts: Red Classroom 12''+Cd [18.5€]
Year Of No Light - Tocsin Green Tshirt [16€]
Zombi - Cosmos (Green Vinyl) 2x12'' [22€]
Zombi - Spirit Animal (Red Vinyl) 2x12'' [22€]
Zombi - Surface to Air (Grey Vinyl) 12'' [18.5€]

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