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Message  denovali le Sam 12 Avr - 22:26


Since it's a busy month for us with the two festivals in Berlin and London we're starting all preorders at once this time. Please consider that we won't be able to ship these preorder releases before the end of April/ early May. Thanks for your patience.

den184 | The Alvaret Ensemble, Kira Kira, Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson, Ingi Garðar Erlendsson, Borgar Magnason - Skeylja Cd | 12''
den196 | Hydras Dream - The Little Match Girl Cd | 12''

den055 | Omega Massif - Geisterstadt+Kalt 2xcd | Geisterstadt 12'' repress
den071 | Omega Massif - Kalt 12'' (for the first time available w/ real cover artwork)
den091 | Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks 2x12'' repress
den197 | Petrels - The Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler Cd | 12''
den198 | Moon Zero - Tombs + Loss 2xCd | Tombs 12''
den199 | Moon Zero - Loss 12''

::: The Omega Massif record is still available for free download at our Mp3 shop
::: There's still a discounted bundle offer for all Petrels albums online


We really regret having to inform you that the Swingfest performances of Hidden Orchestra on 18 April 2014 in London and 26 April 2014 in Berlin have to be cancelled. A few days ago our friends had a serious accident with their tour bus in Serbia. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the band and the crew. With Saffronkeira and the trumpet legend Mario Massa from Italy, we are pleased to announce another great Denovali act joining the line-up of Swingfest London at Village Underground on day one of the festival. Fans of the Murcof & Eric Truffaz / DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo collaborations should be all ears. With Sankt Otten, we are pleased to announce another established Denovali act joining the line-up of Swingfest Berlin at Radialsystem V on day two of the festival - we are looking forward to the duo's atmospheric performance with influences from ambient to trip hop to the 70s Berlin School sound.

Denovali Swingfest London:
::: April 18th Village Underground
::: April 19th Cafe Oto
::: Tickets:

Denovali Swingfest Berlin:
::: April 25th + 26th Radialsystem V
::: Tickets:

We're pleased to inform you that Franz Kirmann of Piano Interrupted will also release his solo works via Denovali from now on. His new album called "Meridians" will see the light of day in June. Listen:

This week's mailorder update includes new records of Thou, the new Efdemin, Inventions, Orcas, new Horseback, new The Field, Demdike Stare restocks etc.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Preorder: Omega Massif / Petrels / Hidden Orchestra Swingfest2014london

Preorder: Omega Massif / Petrels / Hidden Orchestra Swingfest2014berlin


Preorder: Omega Massif / Petrels / Hidden Orchestra Geisterstadtrepress2

Preorder: Omega Massif / Petrels / Hidden Orchestra Kalt

The Omega Massif debut record KALT for the first time available on black and colored wax. This is not the usual silent start/big climax thing well-known from postrock records - this is one of the best instrumental/metal/doom bands of the past years and already a classic of the genre. Remastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Phantomsmasher etc.)

Repress of the Omega Massif masterpiece. The sounds of this album may remind you of the good old records of PELICAN and ISIS, but OMEGA MASSIF go much further. The spiralling melodies overlaying the rolling ri s and pummeling basses make the songs of GEISTERSTADT sound celestial and infernal at the same time. The diversity and ingenuity of OMEGA MASSIF is maybe best seen in the 10 minute monster ‘Nebelwand' - starting with fragile drums and melodies, the tension slowly increases by including an accordion, followed by short outbursts of massive sound walls. However, OMEGA MASSIF are not in a hurry, and so it takes 6 minutes until the powerful sound storms interweaved with the elevated melodies typical for the band finally take the lead and dominate the song until the end. This is not the usual silent start/big climax thing well-known from postrock records - this is one of the best instrumental/metal/doom records in the past years and already a classic of the genre. The 2xCd version comes with the 4 tracks from their debut record KALT as bonus.

Free Download:

Vinyl – Kalt LP:
::: thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x clear + blue splatter
::: regular edition: 350x black
::: price: 16.00 Euro

Vinyl – Geisterstadt LP
::: thick gatefold sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves
::: download code
::: 500x black
::: price: 16.00 Euro

::: nice 6 panel handprinted cardboard cover
::: price: 16.00 Euro


Preorder: Omega Massif / Petrels / Hidden Orchestra Tsccwt

The Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler comprises two long form tracks written between between "Onkalo" and the latest Petrels album "Mima". Originally released for a short while in digital format they're now presented here in re-mastered form with new artwork for this release. Asked about the background of the two tracks, Petrels' Oliver Barrett comments: "The Silver Chimney Club was written to mark the death of my grandfather, Ernest Barrett, who passed away at the end of last year. A civil engineer during his working life, The Silver Chimney Club was the name of the name of a group formed of fellow work colleagues who would meet up on a semi-regular basis - I suspect more for social than professional reasons. As a tribute I'm not sure what he would have made of it but I wanted to create something that combined the industry he was a part of with his love of music that was passed on down to me. My grandfather was a socialist and Labour supporter (by which I mean the original post-war, pre-Blair party) - another thing I inherited from him, and which ties with the second piece on this release. Wat Tyler is named after the leader of the Peasants' Revolt in England in 1381. Ostensibly a revolt against the poll tax, the movement was built on an undercurrent of a desire for social change and a demand for an end to the stiflingly limiting social structures of the time. Initially successful, the rebellion was abruptly cut short when Wat Tyler was murdered by the Mayor of London after Tyler supposedly insulted the young kind of England, Richard II during a parley. Over six centuries on, a lot less has changed in the world than those involved in the Peasants' Revolt might have hoped." Since releasing his debut "Haeligewielle" in 2011, Petrels has toured across Europe and shared a stage with the likes of Tim Hecker, FIRE!, Nate Young (Wolf Eyes), Trouble Books, Fennesz, Nadja, and Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Cluster). Having also collaborated with and provided remixes for artists as varied as Duane Pitre, Brassica, Talvihorros and Max Cooper, Petrels' output is proving to be thrillingly eclectic and unpredictable. For fans of Tim Hecker, Fennesz, Hans-joachim Roedelius.


Vinyl – LP:
::: thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x coke bottle green
::: regular edition: 200x black
::: price: 16.00 Euro

::: nice digipak
::: price: 13.00 Euro


Preorder: Omega Massif / Petrels / Hidden Orchestra Tombs

Preorder: Omega Massif / Petrels / Hidden Orchestra Loss

MOON ZERO is the enigmatic and ethereal project of London-based Tim Garratt. Composed and recorded entirely in churches, Moon Zero's compositions explore the harmonic chaos of competing frequencies. Denovali Records is pleased to announce the release of Moon Zero's second EP 'LOSS' on vinyl and 2xCD, where the second CD will contain the first EP 'TOMBS' and remixes thereof, previously available only as a limited cassette release. This edition of 'Tombs' will also appear as a separate vinyl release.

'TOMBS' is, especially for a debut, a bold and confident musical statement, which reimagines the possibilities of processed organ and laptop sounds in a live context. The opener 'Dalyan' builds from slowly wavering layers of sound into a crumbling, decaying wall of fuzzed-out, peaking noise, which in turn builds again into ever-moving blocks of chopped loops and feedback, absorbing the listener completely into Moon Zero's musical space. A remarkable listen.

'LOSS' is the result of a year spent working out how to play Moon Zero live and then going on to play concerts. Using a wide range of instrumentation such ad drawbar organ, bass synth, vocals, fx processors and guitar pedals, Loss was written & recorded over 2 days at St George in The East Church in London, October 2013.

Whereas 'Tombs' was more concerned with exploring melody in an ambient space, 'Loss' is looking at pulse and movement in sound. Indeed, Garratt states: "I wanted to create a soundscape that had a propulsion to it, a sense of rhythm but without drums. I like sounds which are dynamic in terms of both volume and frequency range, they need to have a life to them and breathe." Composing and recording in churches, the musical works of Moon Zero embody their character; the authentic space and depth to the sound. Some frequencies cause parts of the church to vibrate wildly. One can hear children playing outside and wind blowing through the gaps of the windows. It has life. Garratt adds: "There is a sad solitude of being alone in a large room, and as an atheist I find no comfort in the doctrine that surrounds me." Moon Zero's compositions leave with that isolation on them, the setting is directly influencing the music. Indeed, Loss is inspired by dimming nostalgia and inevitability. Exploring ideas about the end and decay of life cycles, these four tracks constitute a staggering masterpiece.


Vinyl – LP:
::: thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x ultraclear
::: regular edition: 200x black
::: price: 16.00 Euro

::: nice 6 panel digipak
::: price: 16.00 Euro


Preorder: Omega Massif / Petrels / Hidden Orchestra Nightwalksrepress3


Vinyl – 2xLP:
::: thick gatefold sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves
::: download code
::: 500x black
::: price: 22.00 Euro

::: price: 15.50 Euro



den070 | N(22) - Goor 2x12''
den174 | Floex - Gone 10''
den175 | John Lemke - People Do Cd | 12''
den176 | Sebastian Plano - Arrhythmical Part of Hearts Cd | 12''
den177 | Sebastian Plano - Impetus Cd | 2x12''
den178 | The Dale Cooper Quartet - Quatorze Pièces de Menace Cd | 2x12''
den179 | Celeste – Animale(s) 2xCd | 2x12''
den180 | Thisquietarmy - Blackhaunter 12''
den181 | Thisquietarmy - Hex Mountains Cd | 12''
den182 | Piano Interrupted - The Unified Field Cd | 12''
den183 | Selaxon Lutberg - Simboli Accidentali Cd | 12''
den185 | Saffronkeira + Mario Massa - Cause and Effect Cd|2x12''
den186 | Ensemble Economique - Interval Signals 12''
den187 | Ensemble Economique - Light That Comes, Light That Goes Cd|12''
den188 | Origamibiro - Collection 3xCd | 4x12''
den189 | Birds of Passage - This Kindly Slumber Cd | 12''
den190 | Talvihorros - Eaten Alive Cd | 12''
den191 | Origamibiro - Odham's Standard Cd | 12''
den192 | Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani - Relive Cd | 12''
den193 | Federico Albanese - The Houseboat and the Moon Cd | 2x12''
den194 | Petrels - Mima Cd | 12''


B / B / S / - Coltre / Manto 12'' [18€]
65daysofstatic - The Fall of Math (Deluxe Edition) 2xCd [16€]
Aidan Baker & A-Sun Amissa - Split Tape [6€]
Andy Stott - We Stay Together 2x12'' [18€]
Barren Harvest - Subtle Cruelties 12'' [19.5€]
Brett Nauke - Seed 12'' [16.5€]
Bulbul - Hirn Fein Hacken 2x12'' [23€]
Chantal Acda - Let Your Hands Be... 12'' [17€]
Children of God - The Sun Gives Way To False Truths 10'' [10€]
Chuck Ragan - Till Midnight 12'' [17€]
Cut Hands - Volume 3 12'' [19.5€]
Cut Hands - Volume 4 12'' [19.5€]
Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire - The Infinity Dub Sessions 2x12'' [18.5€]
Death and Vanilla - S/t 12'' [16.5€]
Demdike Stare - Elemental 2xCd [19€]
Demdike Stare - Symbiosis Cd [17€]
Demdike Stare - Tryptych 3xCd [20€]
Dillon - The Unknown 12''+Cd [18.5€]
Eagulls - S/t 12'' [17€]
Efdemin - Decay 2x12'' [24€]
Efdemin - Decay Cd [16.5€]
Ennio Morricone - Collected 3xCd [25€]
Eric Thielemans - Sprang 12'' [16€]
Fenster - The Pink Caves 12'' [16€]
Fjort - D'Accord 12'' [16€]
Ford & Lopatin - Channel Pressure 12'' [15.5€]
Future Islands - Singles 12'' [19€]
Gameface - Now Is What Matters Now 12'' [17€]
Generation Of Vipers - Howl And Filth 12'' [14.5€]
Global Stage Orchestra - The Walking Dead OST 3xCd [18€]
Golden Retriever - Seer 12'' [16.5€]
Halls - Love To Give 12'' [19.5€]
Hollow Sunshine - Held Above 12'' [17€]
Holy Mountain - Ancient Astronauts 12''+Cd [18.5€]
Horseback - Piedmont Apocrypha 12'' [18€]
Horseback - Piedmont Apocrypha Cd [15€]
Howler - World Of Joy 12'' [19€]
Inventions - S/t 12'' [18€]
Inventions - S/t Cd [14.5€]
Jack Dice - Sip Paint 12'' [17€]
Jean-Claude Risset - Music from Computer 12'' [17€]
John Cage - Early Electronic & Tape Music Cd [17.5€]
John Coltrane - Coltrane 12'' [18€]
John Matthias - Geisterfahrer 12'' [16€]
John Matthias - Geisterfahrer Cd [16€]
Kerretta - His Streets Of Honey, Her Mouth Of Gold 7'' [6.5€]
Killing Sound - S/t 2x12'' [18.5€]
Klara Lewis - Ett 12'' [16.5€]
Koen Holtkamp - Motion 12'' [16.5€]
Koenraad Ecker - Ill Fares The Land 12'' [17€]
Krokofant - S/t 12'' [22€]
Krokofant - S/t Cd [17€]
Kyle Bobby Dunn - Fragments and Compositions Of 12'' [16€]
La Dispute - The Rooms Of The House Cd [15.5€]
Les Marquises - Pensee Magique 12'' [18€]
Lufth - Distanz & Nähe Cd [16.5€]
Made To Break - Cherchez La Femme 12'' [18.5€]
Man Forever & So Percussion - Ryonen 12'' [16.5€]
Marsen Jules - Beautyfear Cd [16€]
Maurizio Bianchi - S.F.A.G. 81 12'' [16.5€]
Millie & Andrea - Drop The Vowels 2x12'' [23.5€]
Modern Life Is War - Midnight In America 12'' [17€]
Monochrome - Unita 12'' [17.5€]
Moon Zero - Loss (Black Vinyl) 12'' [16€]
Moon Zero - Tombs (Black Vinyl) 12'' [16€]
Morkobot / Vanessa van Basten - Subsound Split Series #2 12'' [24€]
N (30) + [ B O L T ] - Split 12'' [23€]
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica 12'' [17€]
Orcas - Yearling 12'' [15.5€]
Orcas - Yearling Cd [16€]
Oren Ambarchi - Stacte Karaoke 12'' [11.5€]
Owls - Two 12'' [16€]
Pattern Is Movement - S/t 12'' [17€]
Peder Mannerfelt - Lines Describing Circles 12'' [19€]
Peter Brötzmann Trio - For Adolphe Sax 12'' [24€]
Piero Umiliani - Il Marchio Di Kriminal OST 12'' [21€]
Pyrrhon - The Mother Of Virtues (Limited Bone White Edition) 2x12'' [24€]
Quantic (Ft.Pongo Love) - Duvido / Mambe Nights 12'' [11€]
Radar Men From The Moon - Strange Wave Galore 12'' [23€]
Raison D'Etre - Mise En Abyme Cd [16.5€]
Red Tape Parade - S/t 7''+Dvd [12.5€]
Ricardo Donoso - Iron / Verse RMX 12'' [13.5€]
S. Carey - Range of Light 12'' [17€]
SAÅAD - Deep/Float 12'' [16.5€]
Sleepmakeswaves - In Today Already Walks Tomorrow 12''+Cd [21€]
Sleepmakeswaves - In Today Already Walks Tomorrow Cd [15€]
Slomatics - Estron Cd [14€]
Sonson - A Shine Below The Mound 12'' [16€]
Sport - Bon Voyage 12'' [10€]
The Afghan Whigs - Do To The Beast 2x12'' [26€]
The Field - Cupid's Head Remixe II 12'' [12.5€]
Thou - Heathen 2x12'' [18€]
Trophy Scars - Holy Vacants 2x12''+Cd [22€]
Umberto - Temple Room 12'' [16.5€]
Via Fondo - Fast 12'' [10€]
Vladislav Delay - EP3 12'' [14€]
We Never Learned To Live - S/t 12'' [10€]
White Hinterland - Baby 12'' [17€]
Withered Hand - New Gods 12'' [19€]
Young Hare - Unbreak My Heart 12'' [17.5€]

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