Out now: Two RICARDO DONOSO albums (new video) + festival

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Out now: Two RICARDO DONOSO albums (new video) + festival Empty Out now: Two RICARDO DONOSO albums (new video) + festival

Message  denovali le Sam 7 Fév - 16:38

Out now: Two RICARDO DONOSO albums (new video) + festival / mailorder news


Thanks a lot for the great feedback regarding the January releases. The two new Ricardo Donoso albums and the Second Moon Of Winter debut record are available now.

den219 | Second Moon Of Winter - One For Sorrow, Two For Joy cd | 12''
den222 | Ricardo Donoso - Deterrence cd | 12''
den223 | Ricardo Donoso - Saravá Exu cd | 12''

''One for Sorrow, Two for Joy is a truly fascinating and deeply persuasive listen for enthusiasts of avant-garde, ambient, dark free jazz and contemporary classical music.''

''The new album of the highly praised Brazilian composer Ricardo Donoso. "Although each of the seven pieces are inextricably linked, one also gets the sense of a ongoing push & pull, with no resolution. A constant drive of trying to get somewhere, but never really arriving - dynamic crescendos come and go - creating a true sense of timelessness." Vinyl comes w/ special 3D print''

Beyond that we're pleased to present the new Ricardo Donoso video for the track „Matutinum“.

Out now: Two RICARDO DONOSO albums (new video) + festival NL_DonosoMatutinumClip400

13.05. Utrecht (nl), 14.05. Leuven (bel), 15.05. Köln (ger), 16.05. München (ger), 17.05. Leipzig (ger), 18.05. Prague (cz), 19.05. Wien (at) - Program, Ticket Pre-Order & further events online soon

22.05.15 - 23.05.15 Denovali Festival London

13.06.15 - 14.06.15 Denovali Festival Berlin

01.10.15 - 04.10.15 Denovali Festival Essen

This week’s mailorder update includes new records of Kreng, Expo70, Menace Ruin, Toundra, Lubomyr Melnyk, Jakob, Matana Roberts, Noveller, Lawrence English, Demdike Stare etc. – we beyond that received a lot of restocks: Sigur Ros represses, Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds restock etc.

Thanks a lot



Out now: Two RICARDO DONOSO albums (new video) + festival Deterrence

Out now: Two RICARDO DONOSO albums (new video) + festival Saravaexu

Ricardo Donoso is a composer, percussionist and electronic musician from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who currently resides in Boston. After having studied composition at Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory he has participated in a slew of projects over the years, most notably playing drums for avant-death metal unit Ehnahre and being one half of the ever morphing electronic duo Perispirit. Ricardo's musical vocabulary draws as much from contemporary composition, drone, to techno and noise.

A year before exploding onto the electronic music scene in 2011with the critically acclaimed Progress Chance, Ricardo Donoso's debut release "Deterrence" was issued as an extremely limited cassette edition - a through-composed ambient piece, "Deterrence" is stripped of all the rhythmic flux which he has become known for. Considered by many in underground circles to be a true masterwork of the Dark Ambient genre, "Deterrence" is often times compared to works by artists such as Lustmord, Biosphere & Deathprod. Denovali is pleased to finally present this much needed reissue, five years from its inception.

It's a fitting time for "Deterrence" to see the light of day, as it lets us explore Donoso's roots as a composer, both musically & thematically. With the simultaneous release of his new opus "Sarava Exu" one can't help but connect the dots from some of the foundations laid out on "Deterrence"; the glacial drones underpinning melodic flourishes on the surface , the patience and pacing of each movement and the use of space, sound design and texture in equal balance with the harmonic and melodic content. While always pushing forward, Donoso' manages to maintain with each release his cinematic grandeur, an elegant narrative arc and a truly singular and dramatic tone. "Deterrence" is a small, yet important window into the one of contemporary electronic music's most unique voices.

In contrast with the continual pursuit of achievement, that today's culture teaches us, the theme of Descent, found in many myths in the shape of the hero going underground to pass a period of solitude, is no longer represented. A cultural space existed in most traditional societies for such a period in a person's life and it was seen as necessary in order for the initiate to re-connect with their past and concomitantly with his collective unconscious, or humanity’s primordial existence.

"Sarava Exu" was written throughout such a period - one of deliberate isolation and expressed and channeled through the sacred esoteric rituals of the Brazilian cult of Quimbanda. The musical suite moves through the Seven Lines & Kingdoms of Quimbanda incorporating traditional Candomblé rhythms, Brazilian percussion, noise as well as classical string instruments, all elements from Donoso's past, re-examined & re-interpreted. "Sarava Exu" is a symphonic poem of a Quimbanda ritual and the musical accompaniment of Descent into one's own personal hell.

Certainly Donoso's most ambitious and challenging undertaking to date, but those who spend the time with it and uncover the layers underneath will be rewarded. If "Assimilating The Shadow" was the theory, "Sarava Exu" is the practice - a postscript addendum thats not an aimless or destructive fall into the abyss, but a meaningful restoration. "The way towards wisdom suggested by Exu is one of hellfire and brimstone, one of ruthless honesty and bravery, where the most vicious of all enemies is your self"

Stream: www.denovali.com/ricardodonoso
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ricardodonosomusic

"Deterrence" Vinyl
::: thick sleeve + thick printed inner sleeves + 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x silver vinyl
::: regular edition: black vinyl
::: price: 17.00 Euro

"Sarava Exu" Vinyl
::: thick gatefold cover + special 3D print + 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x clear vinyl
::: regular edition: black vinyl
::: price: 17.00 Euro

::: nice digipack sleeves
::: price: 13.00 Euro


Out now: Two RICARDO DONOSO albums (new video) + festival Oneforsorrowtwoforjoy

SECOND MOON OF WINTER is a new experimental ensemble from Ireland melting discordant ambiences with luminous soprano. Their first installment, a six track album called “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy”, will be released on Denovali Records in January 2015.

“One for Sorrow, Two for Joy” was written and recorded live in a series of four hour sessions in a basement by the sea in County Cork in the south of Ireland; no computers, no playback of samples, no overdubs, no further processing after the event. It is three people performing live in an intensely personal collaboration. Knowing each other well and yet having never experimented together before, it felt almost like a necessity to combine their far-flung musical minds. Waves of sound created predominantly on guitar and clarinet, provide a backdrop for singing rarely experienced outside an opera house, and yet with a subtle connection to Irish folk song also.

Inspired by the symbolism of photos, prints and memories, the studio floor was strewn with semi-precious melodies, never knowing which was to be picked up next, to be held and then polished like sea glass in a tidal soundscape. Tethering themselves to each other's innate sense of interpretation and improvisation, an idea was never good nor bad, it was instead either in or out, necessary or unnecessary. In making “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy” SECOND MOON OF WINTER understood that true musical inspiration and output is free from grasping and clinging.

Their fragmented melodies meet, form and fluctuate in a wave of musical metamorphosis. They strive to sit apart and yet within their soundscapes - melting and moving forward with the momentum of a creeping frost under the waning of the second moon. SECOND MOON OF WINTER is to be silent, to listen and finally to create a picture out of that listening. It is a meshing together of sounds that touch and clash in their different atmospheres yet bathe together in a tense harmonic understanding. “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy” is a truly fascinating and deeply persuasive listen for enthusiasts of avant-garde, ambient, dark free jazz and contemporary classical music.

Stream: www.denovali.com/secondmoonofwinter
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/secondmoonofwinter

::: thick sleeve + thick printed inner sleeves + 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x clear vinyl
::: regular edition: black vinyl
::: price: 17.00 Euro

::: nice digipack sleeves
::: price: 13.00 Euro




den060 | Dale Cooper Quartet - Parole De Navarre Cd | 2x12'' reissue
den198 | Moon Zero - Tombs + Loss 2xCd | Tombs 12''
den199 | Moon Zero - Loss 12''
den200 | Ensemble Economique - Melt Into Nothing Cd | 12''
den201 | John Lemke - Walizka Cd | 12''
den202 | The Eye Of Time - Acoustic Cd | 12''
den203 | Franz Kirmann - Meridians Cd | 2x12''
den204 | N(27) + Tzesne - The Belt 12''
den205 | N(31) - Oie Kirr 12''
den206 | Matthew Collings - Splintered Instruments Cd | 12''
den207 | Matthew Collings - Silence Is A Rhythm Too Cd | 12''
den208 | Federico Albanese - The Houseboat and the Moon Reworked 12''
den210 | Carlos Cipa - All Your Life You Walk Cd | 2x12''
den211 | Poppy Ackroyd + Lumen - Escapement Visualised Dvd
den212 | Blueneck - King Nine Cd | 2x12''
den214 | Poppy Ackroyd – Feathers Cd |12''
den215 | Thomas Köner - Tiento de las Nieves Cd | 2x12''
den216 | Dale Cooper Quartet + Witxes Cd | 12''
den217 | N(35) - Saarn 12''
den218 | N(36) - Heven 12''
den220 | Terminal Sound System - Dust Songs Cd | 2x12''


65daysofstatic - Wild Light (Special Edition) Cd [17.5€]
65daysofstatic - Wild Light 12''+Cd [18.5€]
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky? 2x12'' [28€]
Albatrosh - Night Owl 12'' [21€]
Albatrosh - Night Owl Cd [15€]
Alexandre Desplat - The Imitation Game OST 12'' [24€]
Amen Dunes - Cowboy Worship 12'' [16€]
Amon Tobin - Bricolage 2x12'' [23€]
Aphex Twin - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 2 12'' [15€]
Aphex Twin - Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 2 Cd [12€]
Beat Spacek - Modern Streets 12'' [23€]
Bojan Gorisek - Philip Glass - Etudes For Piano Vol. 1 Cd [10€]
Boris - The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra 12'' [28.5€]
Bruno Sanfilippo - Inside Life Cd [15€]
Bryce Dessner / Jonny Greenwood - St Carolyn By The Sea 2x12'' [28€]
Callisto - Secret Youth Cd [15.5€]
Charles-Eric Charrier - Petite Soeur 12'' [18.5€]
Christian Löffler - A Forest 2x12'' + Cd [32€]
Cluster - Zuckerzeit 12'' [18€]
Cummi Flu - Z 12' [18.5€]
Dark Dark Dark - Flood Tide 2x12'' [24€]
Demdike Stare - Testpressing #007 12'' [14.5€]
Disappears - Irreal Cd [16.5€]
Don Christenson/Joel Harris/Julia Heywood - Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out) OST 10'' [21€]
Dosh & Ghostband - Def Kith 12'' [12.5€]
Elephant Micah - Where In Our Woods 12'' [17.5€]
Ennio Morricone - The Big Gundown (La Resa Dei Conti) OST 12'' [22€]
Expo 70 - July 18, 2004 12'' [20€]
Floating Points - Nuits Sonores / Nectarines 12'' [10€]
Geins't Nait & Laurent Petitgand - Je Vous Dis 12'' [16€]
Hauschka / Hilary Hahn - Silfra Cd [18€]
Hemm Rohm - Shade Olympics 12'' [13€]
Hundreds - Aftermath (Remixes) 12'' [10€]
Hüsker Dü - Living End 2x12'' [25€]
Jakob - Sines 2x12'' [28€]
James Blackshaw - Apologia 12'' [18€]
Jasmine Guffond - Yellow Bell (limited edition) 12'' [24€]
Jasmine Guffond - Yellow Bell (limited edition) Cd [21€]
Jessica Pavone - Knuckle Under 12'' [23€]
Jóhann Jóhannsson & BJNilsen - I Am Here 12'' [16€]
Jóhann Jóhannsson - The Theory of Everything OST 2x12'' [28€]
John Cage - Cartridge Music Cd [14.5€]
John Cage - Four4 Cd [14.5€]
John Carpenter - Lost Themes Cd [15.5€]
Jon Hassel - Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street Cd [18€]
Jon Hassel - Power Spot Cd [13€]
Junius - Forcing Out The Silence 12'' [14€]
Keiji Haino / Jim O'Rourke / Oren Ambarchi - Tea Time For Those Determined... 12'' [18€]
Kreng - The Summoner 12'' [17€]
Kreng - The Summoner Cd [15€]
Lawrence English - Viento 12'' [23€]
Les Baxter - Barbarian 12'' [18.5€]
Long Distance Calling - S/t Cd [16.5€]
Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside (Special Edition) Cd [18.5€]
Lord Dying - Poisoned Altars 12'' [23€]
Lubomyr Melnyk - Evertina (Limited Edition) 10'' [16€]
Lubomyr Melnyk - Evertina Cd [12€]
Ludovico Einaudi - In A Time Lapse 2x12'' [22€]
Marty Manning - The Twilight Zone 12'' [18.5€]
Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run 12'' [23€]
Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Cd [15€]
Max Richter - Vivaldi, Four Seasons Recomposed 12'' [23€]
Maybeshewill - Fair Youth 12''+Cd [18.5€]
Maybeshewill - Fair Youth Cd [15€]
Menace Ruin - Venus Armata 2x12'' [26€]
Michna - Thousand Thursday (Coloured Vinyl) 12'' [18€]
Michna - Thousand Thursday Cd [15€]
Midnight Masses - Departures 12''+Cd [19€]
Miles Davis - Quiet Nights 12'' [20€]
Mole' - RGB 12'' [21€]
MØHR / Maeror Tri – Hafenstadt Cd [14€]
Nite Fields - Depersonalisation 12'' [18.5€]
Noveller - Fantastic Planet 12'' [19.5€]
Noveller - Fantastic Planet Cd [16€]
Noveller - No Dreams 12'' [23€]
Oceansize - Frames 2x12''+Cd [23€]
Olafur Arnalds - For Now I Am Winter 12'' [17€]
Peter Brötzmann / Miller / Moholo - Opened, But Hardly Touched 2x12'' [29€]
Ricardo Donoso - Assimilating the Shadow Cd [14€]
Ricardo Donoso - One Verse Sharpens Another 12'' [15€]
Ricardo Donoso - Zerovinteum 7'' [7€]
Sean McCann - Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings 12'' [16€]
Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus - Bonita 12'' [21€]
Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus - Bonita Cd [15€]
Sigur Ros - ( ) 2x12''+Cd [26€]
Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun 2x12''+Cd [26€]
Silo - Work 12'' [17€]
Siskiyou - Nervous 12'' [22.5€]
Sleater-Kinney - No Cities To Love (Deluxe Edition) 2x12'' [37€]
Starving Weirdos - Rolled In The Midst Of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing Without A Rest Forever Onward 12'' [14€]
Stephen O'Malley & Steve Noble - St. Francis Duo 2x12'' [30€]
Sylvain Chauveau - Kogetsudai 12'' [14€]
The Decemberists - What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World 2x12'' [26€]
The Greg Foat Group - Live At The Playboy Club, London 12'' [19€]
The Notwist - Messier Objects 2x12'' [18€]
The Notwist - Shrink 12'' [20€]
The Sun Ra Arkestra - Live In Nickelsdorf 1984 4x12'' [54€]
Tim Hecker - Norberg Cd [10€]
Toundra - IV (Special Edition) Cd [15€]
Toundra - IV 2x12''+Cd [20€]
Xibalba - Tierra Y Libertad 12'' [19.5€]
Zeitkratzer - Songs 12'' [14€]


Sebastian Plano (arg) + Origamibiro (uk)
19.02.15 Hannover (ger) - Feinkost Lampe
20.02.15 Dresden (ger) - Scheune
21.02.15 Düsseldorf (ger) - Weltkunstzimmer
22.02.15 Karlsruhe (ger) – Jubez
23.02.15 Berlin (ger) - Grüner Salon
Tickets: http://www.denovali.com/residencyconcerts

Sebastian Plano (arg)
11.02.15 Amsterdam (nl) - Muziekgebouw (Cross Linx Festival)
12.02.15 Eindhoven (nl) - Muziekgebouw (Cross Linx Festival)
13.02.15 Rotterdam (nl) - De Doelen (Cross Linx Festival)
14.02.15 Groningen (nl) - Groningen (Cross Linx Festival)

Poppy Ackroyd (uk)
20.02.15 Lich (ger) - Kino Traumstern
21.02.15 Nidda (ger) - Parksaal Bad Salzhausen

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