Preorder: new THOMAS KÖNER album + RICARDO DONOSO EP · Denov

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Preorder: new THOMAS KÖNER album + RICARDO DONOSO EP · Denov

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We're delighted to present you the first two releases of 2016. Thomas Köner continues his marvelous Tiento series with the new chapter „Tiento De La Luz“. Ricardo Donoso returns with the ‘Sarava Exu Remixes' 12''– a collection of reinterpretations by some of the most talented musicians working in contemporary electronic music today. This one is limited to 300 pieces and won't be repressed.

den236 | Ricardo Donoso - Saravá Exu Remixes 12'' | Digital
den249 | Thomas Köner - Tiento de la Luz Cd | 12'' | Digital

den227 | Ricardo Donoso - Symmetry 3xCd | 4x12'' Boxset | Digital

We're very pleased that Grouper (us) will present one of her very rare performances in Berlin (her first concert in Germany since 2012). The first wave of artists beyond that includes Esben and the Witch (uk), Celeste (fr), Nadja (can), Subheim (gr), Orson Hentschel (ger) and Ricardo Donoso (bra). We'll share further names within two weeks. Thanks a lot.

· Tickets: 1HusCEc
· Facebook Event:
· Details:

· Ricardo Donoso recently scored the soundtrack for the new Greg Barker HBO documentary called "Homegrown: The Counter-Terror Dilemma" which premieres on Feb. 8 2016. The Time Magazine just launched the first trailer.

This week's store update includes Destroyer Reissues, new Tortoise, Tortoise Reissues, Harmonia Reissues, new Ulver album, Hans Zimmer Rush OST, new Blut aus Nord, the latest Arca on vinyl etc. – you can find the full list attached further below.

Thanks a lot


A tiento is a form of keyboard music that originated in Spain in the mid-15th century. "Tiento de la Luz" is Köner's second tiento, succeeds "Tiento de las Nieves" (2014) and precedes the upcoming "Tiento de la Oscuridad". While "Tiento de las Nieves" is a work for solo performer and live electronics, the instrumentation of "Tiento de la Luz" is expanded: in addition to Köner's distinct live electronics, there are two piano parts, percussion, and viola da gamba.

At the core of Köner's works is always a sense of place (topos) and tone colour. He often travels around the world and record sounds and images. Köner experiences the place and tone as unique voices of these locations, but he is aware that these associations are purely personal. His creative process and work evolve from an understanding of this sense of place and tone, the awareness of its radiance and his distinction of what it is not: it is not a realization that could be accomplished by the practice known as field recording. Similarly, the place, the seed around which Köner's creative process unfolds, can be neither a geographical, nor a temporal one. In fact, according to Köner, the “eternal present” (commonly associated with music or its experience) is a myth and simply does not exist, because the present never appears without a timeline. In the liner notes to this album, Köner even goes as far as to claim that "Music does not exist".

The only element that is independent and able to communicate itself according to Köner is tone colour. In the finishing words of the album liner notes, Köner states: "The textbook definition of tone colour can only describe what it is not: qualities of sound that are not related to pitch, volume, or duration. Tone colour is therefore the absence and yet the total presence. For example, a mother reading a fairy tale to her child is reading words made of letters - but the child hears the mother's “I love you“ in her voice. This is resonance. [...] Appearing as tone colour, sound has the potential to become its own resonance, effortless and luminous."


::: Thick sleeves + black polylined inner sleeves + 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150 x clear vinyl
::: price: 17.00 Euro

::: jewelcase with thick matte o-card and 12pp booklet
::: price: 13.00 Euro


In January 2015 we brought you ‘Sarava Exu' - Ricardo Donoso's most demanding album filled with arcane musings and rich cinematic majesty highly lauded by international press for its high degree of sophistication. Now, a year later we present ‘Sarava Exu Remixes' – a collection of reinterpretations' by some of the most talented musicians working in contemporary electronic music today.

Industrial techno luminaries Orphx take the reins on leading single “Vesperum” and turn its bombastic ‘Zimmeresque' landscape into a pummeling piece of broken techno in a way only Christina & Rich know how, despite the current swarm of dilettante's trying to emulate their sound.

John Flynn's Spaces, responsible for production duties on Björk's Vulnicura album closer ‘Quicksand' mangles and lacerates album central point ‘Gallicinium' to near indistinguishable form with huge nods to early era Warp. Archie Pelago breaks down ‘Matutinum's dark core and provide a beautiful arrangement for strings & horns including some dramatic accompaniment for the tracks main 11/8 ostinato. Dark ambient pioneer, and label mate, Thomas Köner ends the proceedings with a mind-blowing interpretation of ‘Diluculum'; ‘Sarava Exu's complex and multi-dimensional closing number into a sophisticated piece of sub glacial tones & atmosphere, focusing instead on the inner side and calm characteristics of a fairly violent tune, recalling his early work for Barooni in the early nineties. A new window into the universe of ‘Sarava Exu' by some of the most compelling electronic musicians working today.


::: Thick sleeves + black polylined inner sleeves + 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150 x clear red vinyl | 150x black vinyl (no repress)
::: price: 17.00 Euro



den225 | Kuba Kapsa Ensemble - Vantdraught 10 Vol.1 Cd | 12''
den226 | Piano Interrupted - The Unifield Field Reconstructed Cd | 12''
den227 | Ricardo Donoso - Symmetry 3xCd | 4x12'' Boxset
den228 | Ah! Kosmos - Flesh Cd | 10''
den229 | Ah! Kosmos - Bastards Cd | 12''
den230 | Multicast Dynamics - Scape Cd | 12''
den231 | Multicast Dynamics - Aquatic System Cd | 2x12''
den232 | Petrels - Flailing Tomb Cd | 12''
den233 | Hidden Orchestra - Reorchestrations Cd | 12''
den234 | Mario Diaz de Leon - The Soul is the Arena Cd | 12''
den235 | Ricardo Donoso - Machine To Machine Cd | 2x12''
den237 | John Lemke - Nomad Frequencies Cd | 2x12''
den238 | Moon Zero - S/t Cd | 12''
den239 | Oneirogen - Plenitude Cd | 12''
den240 | Saffronkeira - Synecdoche Cd | 2x12''
den241 | N(41) - Rote Fuhr 12''
den242 | N(42) + Dirk Serries - Kehr 12''
den243 | Ensemble Economique - Blossoms In Red Cd | 12''
den244 | Subheim - Foray Cd | 12'' | Digital
den245 | Multicast Dynamics - Scandinavia Cd | 2x12''
den246 | Bersarin Quartett - III Cd | 2x12''


Abel Korzeniowski - A Single Man OST Cd [16€]
Aidan Baker & Maik Erdas – Cameo 12''+Cd [16€]
Arca - Mutant 2x12'' [30€]
Ashra - Belle Alliance (Spalax 1LP Edition) 12'' [19€]
Ashra - Correlations (Spalax 1LP Edition) 12'' [19€]
Aucan - Stelle Fisse 12'' [19€]
Bernard Herrmann - The Essential Film Music Collection 2xCd [16€]
Bloodiest - S/t (Blood Red Vinyl) 12'' [22€]
Blut Aus Nord - 777 - The Desanctification 12'' [16€]
Blut Aus Nord - Odinist - The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination 12'' [16€]
Blut Aus Nord - Thematic Emanation Of Archetypal Multiplicity 12'' [16€]
Burial - Rival Dealer 12'' [13€]
Carl Craig - More Songs About Food & Revolutionary Art 2x12'' [20€]
Caudal – Murk 12'' [16€]
Christina Vantzou - No 3 2x12'' [30€]
Claudio Simonetti - The New Barbarians OST 12'' [33€]
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Humans OST Cd [16€]
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Utopia 2 OST 2x12'' [33€]
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Utopia OST 2x12'' [33€]
Cristobal Tapia de Veer - Utopia OST Cd [16€]
Danny Elfman - Goosebumps OST (Lim. Blue Edition) 2x12'' [32€]
Daughter - Not To Disappear 12'' [24€]
Dave Heumann (Arbouretum) - Here In The Deep 12'' [20€]
De Rosa - Weem 12'' [20€]
Deradoorian - Expanding Flower Planet 12'' [19€]
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies 2x12'' [25€]
Destroyer - Streethawk: A Seduction 12'' [20€]
Destroyer - This Night 2x12'' [25€]
Electric Moon - Flaming Lake Cd [16€]
Ennio Morricone - Black Belly Of The Tarantula OST 2x12'' [45€]
Ennio Morricone - The Big Gundown OST 2x12'' [48€]
Ennio Morricone - The Hateful Eight OST 2x12'' [28€]
Fabio Frizzi - Frizzi 2 Fulci 2x12'' [45€]
Fabio Frizzi - The Beyond OST 12'' [33€]
Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind Remixes 12'' [11€]
Future Punx - This Is Post Wave 12'' [13€]
Gold Class - It's You 12'' [22€]
Hans Zimmer - Rush OST (Red Vinyl) 2x12'' [33€]
Harmonia - Deluxe 12'' [17.5€]
Harmonia - Live 1974 12'' [16€]
Harmonia - Musik Von Harmonia 12'' [17.5€]
Harry Escott - River OST Cd [16€]
Helena Hauff - Discreet Desires Cd [15.5€]
Iskra String Quartet - Iskra Cd [17€]
Jerry Goldsmith - Legend OST 2x12'' [33€]
Jessica93 - S/t 12'' [13€]
John Carpenter - The Fog OST 2x12'' [33€]
Joseph LoDuca - Army Of Darkness OST 2x12'' [48€]
Kode9 - Nothing 2x12'' [30€]
Kreng - Cooties OST 12'' [33€]
Krokofant - II 12'' [22€]
Krokofant - II Cd [17€]
Lord Raja - Para 12'' [22€]
Lumisokea - Transmission Revarsavr 12'' [20€]
Lycus - Chasms 12'' [22€]
Manuel Göttsching - Die Mulde Cd [18.5€]
Manuel Göttsching - Joaquin Joe Claussell Meets Manuel Göttsching Cd [17.5€]
Manuel Göttsching - Live At Mt. Fuji Cd [18.5€]
Max Richter - The Leftovers OST 12'' [25€]
Max Richter - The Leftovers OST Cd [16€]
Melvins - Across The USA In 51 Days: The Movie Dvd [15€]
Monarch - Sabbracadaver 2x12'' [18.5€]
Nils Frahm - Screws Reworked 2x12'' [25€]
Nils Frahm - Screws Reworked 2xCd [19€]
Paramnesia - Ce Que Dit La Bouche D'ombre 12'' [12€]
Piero Umiliani - Synthi Time 12''+Cd [24€]
Piero Umiliani e La Sua Orchestra - Fischiando in Beat 12''+Cd [24€]
Piptsjilling – Maorntiids Cd [12€]
Pop. 1280 - Paradise 12'' [20€]
Roly Porter - Third Law 2x12'' [27€]
Roly Porter - Third Law Cd [14.5€]
Scott Kelly - Spirit Bound Flesh 12'' [19€]
Svffer - Empathist 12'' [12€]
The Besnard Lakes - A Coliseum Complex Museum (Limited Edition) 12'' [24€]
The Braen's Machine - Temi Ritmici e Dinamici 12''+Cd [24€]
Thomas Zehetmair / Orchestre de Chambre de Paris - Ravel / Debussy Cd [19€]
Throwers - Loss 12'' [16€]
Throwers - Loss Cd [13€]
Tortoise - It's All Around You 12'' [19€]
Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never Die 12'' [19€]
Tortoise - The Catastrophist Cd [15.5€]
Tortoise - TNT 2x12'' [24€]
Totem Skin - Weltschmerz 12'' [12€]
Ulver - ATGCLVLSSCAP 2x12'' [25€]
Ulver - ATGCLVLSSCAP Cd [15€]
V.A. - Back To The Future OST (Limited Pic Disc) 12'' [25€]

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