ven 23 avr : Wild classical...+ Gmackrr + panpanpan @ LyonGZ

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ven 23 avr : Wild classical...+ Gmackrr + panpanpan @ LyonGZ

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20h30 - 5€

Grnd Gerland

THE WILD CLASSICAL MUSIC ENSEMBLE (Free Punk / improv - Belgique)

The wild classical music ensemble is a musical project that started in november 2007, when Damien met Lynh, Johan, Rudy and Kim, 4 artists with a mental handicap, thanks to the social-artistic association vzw WIT.h. (
These 4 artists are working in different fine art media in the studio from “de zandberg” ( ) and showed a will and talent to make it started!
The musical research of the WCME has been based since the beginning on free improvisation, sound and object experimentations. At the same time, the WCME as tried to develop a knowledge and a control of the musical energy in order to organise and construct within the Spontaneity. That’s what led them to develop orchestrations signs and experimentations around musical notations.
Lately, the WCME as started to integrate punk/rock riffs, composed by Kim Verbeke, the guitarist of the band. These new melodico-rythmic bases gave a new impulse to the band and led it to what it is now : a mix betwen rock, punk, noise, and free music.

une vidéo :

GMACKRR (electro expé - Canada)

Gmackrr is active in the fields of free improvisation, radio art, installations... She focuses on amplifying small objects and signals, developping a range of organic sounds, integrating human, electronic, environmental and animal qualities. Her main sound sources are analog synthesizers, bent instruments and handmade electronics often played directly by touching the circuits. She collects walkie-talkies and relaxation/new age/weird cassettes as a source of inspiration.

une vidéo :

PAN PAN PAN (Free Nimp - Lyon)

We speak in different voices

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