Diluvio - Need Help for Tour

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Diluvio - Need Help for Tour

Message  diluvio le Ven 9 Juil - 12:48

Hi, we're Diluvio , Fast HC band from Italy.
We're touring Europe on September. We're looking for places/squat where we can get some gigs.
These should be the dates of tour:

10/09/2010 Switzerland Area ( Zurich - Basel - Bern )
11/09/2010 South - East France / South West Germany / Luxemburg (Strasbourg / Nency / Metz / Reims / Stuttgart /Luxemburg)
12/09/2010 Nederlanden / Belgium / North East France
13/09/2010 Nederlanden - Amsterdam
14/09/2010 North Germany - Hannover / Bremen / Hamburg
15/09/2010 Berlin Area
16/09/2010 Czech Republic - Prague
17/09/2010 Germany - Munich Area
18/09/2010 Switzerland

We just ask 100Euros if possible, to cover the costs, some vegetarian food and a floor under a roof to sleep ( we're not anti-beds anyway..)
We're easy people so if you can't guarantee what we ask....contact us anyway
We support vegetarian, anti-fascist,anti-nazi,anti-homophobic lifestyle.

You can listen to our music here: www.myspace.com/senzaombrello
Please let us know as soon as possible to let us prepare/organize evereything.

Thank you very much
DILUVIO - diluviodiluvio@gmail.com

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