Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time

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Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Empty Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time

Message  denovali le Jeu 26 Juin - 23:26

Out now: two new N records (theBelt & Oie Kirr) + new The Eye Of Time album + mailorder news


This week's update includes two brilliant new records of the sound artist N (ger) – the second collaboration with Tzesne (es) called „theBelt“ and the new full length called „Oie Kirr“ are available now. Both lp editions are limited to 100 pieces. You also can purchase digital versions of the albums.

Beyond that we're pleased to inform you that the new The Eye of Time full length is ready to ship – six piano & cello compositions for six different locations and points in time. We've uploaded a second piece called "Treblinka, Poland, 2 August 1943" to our Soundcloud. The bundle offer for both albums is still online.

den202 | The Eye Of Time – Acoustic Cd | 12''
den204 | N(27) + Tzesne - theBelt 12''
den205 | N(31) - Oie Kirr 12''

den200 | Ensemble Economique - Melt Into Nothing Cd | 12''

den203 | Franz Kirmann - Meridians Cd | 2x12''
den206 | Matthew Collings - Splintered Instruments Cd | 12''
den207 | Matthew Collings - Silence Is A Rhythm Too Cd | 12''

Since people for years here and there asked for Denovali shirts we're happy to present you the first three designs. In addition to the shirts we're offering three different types of bags and a headphone bag. You can find all designs further below. You can order via www.denovali.com/mailorder

We're very pleased to inform you that the wonderful James Holden (uk) will perform on day three of this year's Swingfest Essen edition (Oct 2nd - 5th). He will be joined for the live set by drummer Tom Page. Tickets: www.denovali.com/swingfest

The new mailorder updates includes an AmenRa restock, a new Bonobo 12'', the new Boris album, further Can LPs, Slint reissues, a new ZU EP etc.

Thanks a lot!



Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Denovali2014merch_shirttriindigo Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Denovali2014merch_shirttriblack Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Denovali2014merch_shirtchildren

Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Denovali2014merch_slingbag Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Denovali2014merch_blackbag Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Denovali2014merch_greybag

Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Denovali2014merch_smallbag

DEN204 | N(27) + TZESNE - THEBELT 12''
DEN205 | N(31) - OIE KIRR 12''

Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Thebelt

Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Oiekirr

N is the moniker of Dortmund-based German experimental guitarist Hellmut Neidhardt. June marks the release of two new records, including a second collaboration with Tzesne (ES). After a first very fruitful collaboration with Basque sound artist Txesus Garate alias TZESNE for the album CARRISSALS, released in 2011 by Denovali Records, the artistic vital necessity to exchange and work together carried on. In contradistinction to their collaborational debut Carrissals, where warm and dark qualities of drone interweaved – blended with Tzesne's distinctive field recordings – they left the bright nature of that imaginary sundried place in Spain behind to take a leap into the harsh environment of the post-industrial landscape, being the inspiration of their upcoming release named THE BELT. Both artists share the interest of reflecting the conditions of a chosen location. Usually a an existing place gives inspiration for N's sound research as distinguished from Tzesne, who collects field recordings from a wider area and manipulates them in the phase of post-production to a rather diffuse imprint. Way more heavy and dark is the impression, which THE BELT causes, right after giving a listen to its first minutes. The smell of bygone plants is synaesthetically floating within the soundscape, though trails to the dawn of a new era are roughly outlined. The four-track album features the tracks “Weaving A Wall”, “Beton”, “Bold Backwards” and “IkKky”. Limited to 100 LPs.

Accompanying the collaborational release with Tzesne, N recorded a one track solo record named N(31) “OIE KIRR“. Following the approach of his previously solo album GOOR, N has captured again his current live set. N(31) “OIE KIRR“ is a 45 minute track, only interrupted by the need to flip the record. Almost detached from its tonal origin created with guitar and amp, a deeply dark rumble initiates the track, followed by slowly accumulating captivating sounds, drifting into one another to finally gush forth to sea-like melodic drones. While the track wanders ethereal through different kinds of state, it more and more draws the listener in. After around half of the track the dense grim atmosphere clears up, offering an invitation to take a rest in the sun spread doldrums… before the storm breaks loose... The uninhabited islands of (Barther)-Oie and (Great)-Kirr are the record's eponyms. Only rising one meter above sea level, they belong to the nature reserve, located in the lagoon of Barther Bodden on the Baltic Sea coast of northeast Germany. The islands are covered by salt marshes and dissected by creeks and are well known for their species-rich nature. N(31) “OIE KIRR“ is strictly limited to 100 LPs, including a download code presenting the track as one piece.

Stream: www.denovali.com/n
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/n1511

::: thick handprinted covers + 180g vinyl
::: download code (only Oie Kirr)
::: 100x black vinyl
::: price: 22.00 Euro

THE EYE OF TIME – S/t 2xCd | 3xLP & ACOUSTIC Cd | LP Bundle

Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Acoustic

THE EYE OF TIME is the Solo-Project of French musician Marc Euvrie. Euvrie's musical development is deeply connected with the French DIY punk and hardcore scene, though he has been classically trained as well. He started to play piano being 9 years old, composed his first pieces with 15 and studied cello at the conservatoire after finishing school. Euvrie used to play in several bands before, being influenced by CLAUDE DEBUSSY, PHILIP GLASS, FREDERIC CHOPIN, J.S. BACH, MICHAEL NYMAN just as by GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR, A SILVER MT. ZION or PORTISHEAD, he began to translate his personal reflection of our complex world into music, which initiated THE EYE OF TIME. A self titled debut record, released in Spring 2012, evolved first. For his debut Marc Euvrie's critical writing exposed a dark look on the present, past and future: Linked to machines and samples, revealing an unnatural direction of the human being's existence. His upcoming release ACOUSTIC is a consequent change of focus. Looking for the motor, the personal needs to survive, he found himself experimenting with only Cello and Piano. Apparently these classical instruments turned out to be a relevant strong signal to go back to the roots with something more natural and simple to start from. Though both records seem to go in opposite directions in terms of sound and concept, a strong underlying layer stays inevitable: The Eye of Time's compositions imply a call to fight for the things we love. ACOUSTIC might be understood as a counterbalance to The Eye of Time's debut. Where the previous record disclosed the coldness of our time, destructing everything that is meant to be our deep nature and presenting the despair of our situation, Acoustic embarks on a little glimpse of hope: Finding some strength to keep fighting for the nature of things and their vital qualities. Marc Euvrie composed six songs for six different locations and points in time, reaching way back to ancient centuries as well as taking a glance into our near future of a yet unknown place. A very personal travel through time and space, between the beauty of nature (Cisjordania, Norway) and the need of hope, which allows humans to dream (Spain, Poland). Marc Euvries own feelings and thoughts about his life evoke mostly in the last two tracks, where he found a form to intensify what keeps him alive.

Stream: www.denovali.com/theeyeoftime
Download: www.denovali.com/mp3shop
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theeyeoftime

::: thick sleeves + thick printed inner sleeves + 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: 150 x coke bottle green
::: 350 x black vinyl
::: price: 16.00 Euro

::: nice digipack sleeves
::: price: 13.00 Euro

S/t 3xLp + Acoustic Lp: 40.00 euro
S/t 2xCd + Acoustic Cd: 24.00 euro
S/t album: Thick glossy triple gatefold cover, includes a 30 page booklet with an image for each song. 180g vinyl, download code


Tickets: www.denovali.com/swingfest
Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/546784548727096

Out now: two new N records + new The Eye Of Time Swingfest2014essen




den178 | The Dale Cooper Quartet - Quatorze Pièces de Menace Cd | 2x12''
den179 | Celeste – Animale(s) 2xCd | 2x12''
den180 | Thisquietarmy - Blackhaunter 12''
den181 | Thisquietarmy - Hex Mountains Cd | 12''
den182 | Piano Interrupted - The Unified Field Cd | 12''
den183 | Selaxon Lutberg - Simboli Accidentali Cd | 12''
den185 | Saffronkeira + Mario Massa - Cause and Effect Cd|2x12''
den186 | Ensemble Economique - Interval Signals 12''
den187 | Ensemble Economique - Light That Comes, Light That Goes Cd|12''
den188 | Origamibiro - Collection 3xCd | 4x12''
den189 | Birds of Passage - This Kindly Slumber Cd | 12''
den190 | Talvihorros - Eaten Alive Cd | 12''
den191 | Origamibiro - Odham's standart Cd | 12''
den192 | Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani - Relive Cd | 12''
den193 | Federico Albanese - The Houseboat and the Moon Cd | 2x12''
den194 | Petrels - Mima Cd | 12''
den196 | Hydras Dream - The Little Match Girl Cd | 12''
den197 | Petrels - The Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler Cd | 12''
den198 | Moon Zero - Tombs + Loss 2xCd | Tombs 12''
den199 | Moon Zero - Loss 12''
den201 | John Lemke - Walizka Cd | 12''


Acid Fast - Rabid Moon 12'' [12€]
Alexander Turnquist - Flying Fantasy 12'' [16€]
Alice Coltrane - A Monastic Trio 12'' [22€]
Ambarchi, O'Malley, Dunn - Shade Themes From Kairos 2x12'' [23€]
Amen Dunes - Love 12'' [16.5€]
AmenRa - Mass III 12'' [25€]
Angus MacLise - New York Electronic, 1965 12'' [16€]
Anti Ritual - S/t 12'' [11€]
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Eels - The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett 2x12'' [21.5€]
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Failures - Decline and Fall 12'' [12€]
Fire! Orchestra - Enter 12'' [21€]
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Fuck Buttons - Street Horrsing 2x12'' [24€]
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